Electric election booth

Welcome to the voting booth! Please endure these few questions before we register your vote; they are designed to gauge the weighted value of the vote you cast.

If you wish to vote for Donald Duck, you may leave now; your protest vote will be registered accordingly. For your notice, Mr. Duck is not registered and thus will not be elected.

Let us begin.

What is six times seven? You have thirty seconds to answer.

Thank you; your answer was correct. Your vote factor went up!

Now this vote will be for the Finnish Parliament. How many members are there in that Parliament?

You are correct. How many are chosen in this election?

Also correct. At which interval is this election organized?

Excellent. Is the following statement correct: “The party that gets the most votes, rules?”

All right. Please comment on the statement, “The categories of what I find abhorrent and wrong, what is illegal, and what is immoral, are and/or should be equal.” Take your time.

All right. Your comment has been rated by iStripper, the premium extractor of significant concepts, now including NegativeNotice! Also for your information, no, this booth is not a part of a New World Order plot. Next, please name as many parties with candidates in this election in this district as you can.

Might I suggest reframing that? The word “Nazi” is not in their official party name.

Very good. How about the capitals of Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Iceland and Russia? You have forty seconds.

Twenty seconds now.

Well, you almost got them right. If ten stumps make a cigarette, and a cigarette burnt leaves a stump, how many cigarettes may I smoke, having 101 stumps, and what remains?

Is that your final answer?

Okay. Which member of the Parliament was involved in the “dog eats man” scandal last January?

Alright. Which member of the Parliament resigned because of charges involving blatant nepotism last February?

Ohhh-kay. Which member of the Parliament dramatically reversed his opinion on the Childcare Benefits Overhaul Proposal last March?

Would you describe that reversal, and the parliamentarian’s said reasons for it? Also, what happened to the Proposal?

No hard feelings. Now, going along the Baltic coastline counter-clockwise starting with the state Copenhagen is in, list the states you pass through.

Okay. Would you care to name one Finnish city north of Oulu?

Well, no. How about one south of Oulu, but north of Vaasa?

Would you care to say you are certain? This doubles the potential gain, and the potential loss both.

Uh, yeah. Which province are we in, right now?

Okay. Okay. Which province. Would you like to try again?

Good you didn’t; you were right.

Would you like to answer a few queries about the stances of the party you are going to vote for? This is voluntary; correct answers increase your vote’s weight, incorrect ones decrease it. If you say yes, you must answer all five questions, and not answering will be considered an incorrect answer.

Very well then; this is all. You can vote now; your vote will be weighted according to your answers.

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