Anniversary, administrative neepery, announcement


So how much do I care for my readers? Some 18.17 euros worth, as of now.

After years of bad memory and feeling bad about it, I finally paid money for this blog and bought the WordPress no-ads upgrade. As of today, for the next year, there should be no more of those occasional annoying under-post ads. (They’re clever ones, though. If you’re logged in as the author and lord of the blog, they never appear. And even when you’re just visiting, sometimes not even then. But now them buggers are gone.)

Will look at the other upgrades later; maybe make the grey background blink.

Just kidding; I am old enough to remember the horror-days of blinking text. (Those were the ugly days. Ask any old net-user.)


It’s fitting that I blundered into this upgrade just now, because this happens to be the fourth anniversary of this blog, Masks of Eris. The dashboard shows 1258 posts; about 0.86 posts per day. I did not think I would come this far, mostly because when I started this all I didn’t happen to think how this all would proceed. I just had free time, an Internet connection, and a feeling that I had a few things to say about this whole God and religion business.

So, way back in the August of 2007, I started a blog.

It was not my fault, honestly, I’m not to blame. The academic year had not started yet, but I was back in the city and charged… wait, no, antsy and tired; as usual after a holiday. So after extensive meta-neepery round the name, I started this Masks of Eris thing. The first post was about the God and religion thing; namely, “doesn’t remarriage make Heaven really awkward?” (That’s my tack — approaching religion like others approach comic books or fantasy novels; with the icepick of Fridge Logic and the hammer of Implications. The Endor Genocide is nothing compared to what a little kicking of the Abrahamics reveals.)

Then the same date in 2009 I started Lemmata; a sketch a day, or, “I see why you picked written-word first”; some sketches also about the God and religion thing; it has its own self-congratulatory post about it up right now.

Then last year I started Mirrors of Eris, a repository of consciously false conspiracy theory and religion. Because it’s a website, not a blog, the updates are infrequent; I try to hide this with frequent alterations of the outlook and the categorization.

This year I’m not starting anything; three websites are well enough. I’m not going to noodle around with any more…

Well, maybe just one more…


Ah, well; those of you with sharp eyes might have noticed it already, but what’s said over at the right sidebar over here is true; it would hardly be a useful thing to say if it were a lie. From the 12th of September, for two weeks, until 25th, I will be guest-blogging over at the Scientopia Guest Blogge. (I should say “Yay!” and leap around like a giggly teenager, but gravitas, and gravity, make that kinda difficult. Plus broken furniture, holes in the wall, etc. etc.)

The Guest Blogge is defined as “hosting a wonderful slate of non-Scientopia bloggers”, which obviously applies to me; I am much more slate than gneiss, obviously. Though I don’t know how I’m in this Han Soloic slate thing with the other people, some of whom seem a bit granite-ey to me; but I trust the judgment of the Scientopia Authorities. (They contacted me and not me them, so I don’t have “a brief description of your existing blog […] and a brief explanation of what you would like to blog about [t]here”; we will see what I come up with. Newton / Leibniz slash fan fiction, maybe.)

But I’m there for two weeks only, starting September 12th, assuming they remember to give me the keys. I’m not going to metastasise. I’m not cancer; I’m a… a rash?



So how much do I care for my readers? A lot, and I read every comment, but as a Finn being bad with small talk I sometimes just cannot think of anything non-trivial to say. Just think that I answered “Hmm! Good idea! Cheers! Yay! Thanks for comment, you are awesome!” if I answer nothing at all; it’s awkward when you skip that, decide to think about something more substantial and then bam a week has gone.

Feedback and readers are nice, because while shouting at the void is nice too, it’s nicer to think someone is listening. (I’m big on niceness. People sized and shaped like ogres usually are, or go for the other extreme.)

Maybe some reader is amused, even. Because while there’s nothing bad in self-amusement (honestly, it will not make you go blind), amusing others feels better.

Here’s to another year of amusing self and others!

One Response to “Anniversary, administrative neepery, announcement”

  1. Samuel Baldwin Says:

    Well, I always want to comment with praise, but it seems awkward to (I suffer from the same social shortcomings most Finns do), but it seems appropriate enough to do so here. Masks of Eris, simply put, is magnificent. It’s been a constant source of entertainment and comfort in times unfamiliar. It’s even made me feel better about pursuing a degree in mathematics*, although I can’t quite construe if that’s a good thing or not. Your guide to Finland even provided me with some useful knowledge when I visited your wonderful country! Keep doing what you’re doing.

    * Alas, my primary field of study is computer systems engineering, so I’m not quite as pure of a mathematician as one would hope.

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