Harry Potter and the Horcrux

Here’s an alternate ending for Harry Potter.

Harry Potter lies dead on the forest floor, killed by the Dark Lord’s spell, his mind and soul dissipating and disappearing in a haze of shock-loosened memories — the Platform Nine and Three-Quarters — Albus Dumbledore — and then Harry Potter is truly, finally dead.

The Dark Lord listens to his crew cheering and jeering; and is struck by how he loathes them all: the lickspittles, the sadists, the backstabbers, the lying toadies, naked blades and uncivilized brutes.

Is this truly the sort that Tom Riddle, who once wanted to teach at Hogwarts, who excelled in academic pursuits, in subtlety, in ambition, in all the heritage of Salazar Slytherin… wants to give the Wizarding World to?

What would a pair of blunt instruments such as the Carrows do with power? Kill, torture, toy with the lives of others, grow fat and lazy until a servant knifed them in their sleep or they killed each other out of a moment’s irritation. Not that imperio, crucio and avada kedavra are evil — what is evil to a god such as Voldemort? — but swine like the Carrows lack ambition. They are weapons, not people.

Not that the Malfoys are any better. The Dark Lord is certain that if he asked, Lucius Malfoy would say he seeks power because power belongs to the strong… yet what does Lucius Malfoy do with power? Play little political games, half-heartedly pursue his blood purity fantasies, toss favors to some, and piss on others. He is a sophisticated man, but his ambitions are those of a treacherous, petulant child.

These truly are not the sort of people that Lord Voldemort finds interesting; only the sort that had seemed useful, once. Even their laughter annoys him. If there was a different path…

On a whim he raises his wand, and feels the Horcrux is still there, still intact. An imperceptible shake of his wand is enough to do what he did to Nagini, and more.

And so, shortly after, when Nagini dies and Lord Voldemort is driven to the brink of mortality, when his cadre is decimated and the Hogwarts crew simply will not be cowed…

Then Harry Potter rises again, but though the body is his and his memories still remain fresh in the flesh, and though the actions taken are those of Harry Potter, the mind of Harry Potter is dead, and the soul of Tom Riddle lives in his chest.

And though it again takes time, the Hero of Hogwarts and the Head Auror eventually becomes the most powerful, progressive Minister for Magic ever seen; and in the meanwhile he has no worries of backstabbers or brutes or giggling sadists; and he has a wife, that he even grows to care for and love, for no-one is incapable of love, no matter what dead old white wizards say.

* * *


“So how did the Malfoys survive?” Ron asks.

“Oh”, a thing in the flesh of Harry Potter says, gazing over the railing into the darkness beyond Hogwarts, “haven’t you heard? Narcissa lied to the Dark Lord about me being dead.”

“Oh, that is such bullshit!” Ronald Weasley says, and then blushes furiously. “I mean, good for you Harry, but how does that make them the good guys now?”

Harry Potter smiles. “I do think I believe in last-minute epiphanies, Ron.”

* * *

Aftermath the second:

“They grew up fast, didn’t they?”, Professor McGonagall sighs.

“True, that”, Sybil Trelawney mutters.

“Harry the most of all.” A tear appears on the old witch’s cheek. “It may take him years to get over this all. Think of it: he, a dead man’s pawn, marched to the Dark Lord, willing to die… and he did! How can he cope with so many dead, and him still alive?”

Trelawney hiccups, and takes another drink.

“I think”, McGonagall proclaims, standing up and swaying slightly, “I shall inform a certain Weasley girl about the fact that, in my opinion, she should take matters easily as regards our resurrected hero!”

And she sways away, to say just that.

* * *

Aftermath the third:

“Come to sleep, Harry.”

“Patience, Ginny.”

She’d like to yell at him, but she understands. He’s been through a lot; some nights she can hear it, as he mutters in his sleep. Such frightful things he says; echoes of his mind being linked to that of the Dark Lord.

No, she thinks to herself. No need to dance around that dead name anymore. “Voldemort.”

“Yes dear?”

* * *

Aftermath the fourth:

“Well, this is extraordinary.”

The voice comes from two sets of lips, the tone exactly the same; both break into a nervous giggle at the last syllable, realizing they know something no-one has quite known before.

Harry Potter sits back, takes the wand off his son’s temple, and grins. “But who are you?”

“I am you, and more”, Albus Severus Potter laughs, “a part of your soul as good as the whole. I remember the childhood of Tom Riddle, of Harry Potter, and my own… and if I may say, father, you are the best parent so far.”

* * *

Aftermath the fifth:

(from the Secret Diary of H. Potter)

It is as I surmised ever since the surprise with Albus Severus: the existing versions of the Horcrux spell are stupid, and I was stupid to ever use them. The requirement for killing a person when manufacturing a Horcrux was to sustain the soul fraction being detached, not for the splitting itself.

If the vessel is a living or a very recently dead human being, the necessary elan vital is still present, and no sacrifice is needed. Indeed, the process is made much easier and less painful; and what results is a curious melding of the receptable and the caster.

If the recepient is dead, only his or her memories and personality remain, and the caster’s soul is replicated exactly, swaddled into those memories and that outward personality.

If the recepient is alive, the souls are combined into a new individual, with the caster dominating. As the former individual does not survive as an individual, there is no possibility of rejection.

(Note to self — Is this an antidote to the Killing Curse? It might not be desirable to have the victim come back as a combination of himself and a magical medic, but if some kind of a dummy soul could be employed… the possibilities are endless!)

(Note to self — I need to experiment more on this. Human-animal soul combinations are impossible, remember Nagini. What about more intelligent magical animals? What about dementors?)

The warnings about the diminution of one’s soul and inevitable turn to monstrous amoral evil are, as I have surmised, mere credulous legends and rumors, attached to this spell because of the human sacrifice component. I shall (eventually) show otherwise — I shall show them all! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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