True Finns: it got worse

So the True Finns — Perussuomalaiset, “The Basic Finns”, the Finnish tea party, them odious twerps; nationalist crypto-racist fuckwits, clueless populist nostalgia-maniacs; they go by many names — noticed that they don’t have an actual official English name for their party, and decided to fix that.

I had thought “True Finns” was the official name, and bad enough — so they are the true Finns, and what are we others? Impostors, traitors, false Finns?

I thought, then, that if the new official name for their party was something else, it surely had to be something with less effrontery, naked pride and barely veiled disdain in it.

Guess what?

The party known in Finnish as “Perussuomalaiset”, with a support of one fifth of the Finnish population, is officially known in English, from this day on, as…

“The Finns”.

I am not happy.

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