I’m bad with faces

Well dunk me. Didn’t hit me until the credits that in Sky One’s The Colour of Magic (youtube link) the Rincewind is DI Frost, David Jason himself.

Then, seeing the damn beginning credits of the second part, only then I noticed that the Twoflower is Sam Gamgee.

I am as thick as a plank that is very thick.

Also, I understand, but am miffed they left Bel-Shamharoth out; I love the echoey “Eight… hate… ate” bit, and I love, platonically, anything with tentacles.

Also, finally, this has been a forced blog post to 1) point you at some nice entertainment which surely is one of the central purposes of the social aspect of blogging, and 2) to, yay, make a blog post so I feel I’ve done something instead of just watching videos of questionable legality on Youtube. Because occasionally you need to justify your private actions at the audient void, right?

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