Potential mischiefs

1. Make up a new Creationist argument against evolution, preferably one that’ll cause an amusing brain aneurysm in any biologist seeing such a fractally stupid concept; then slip it into a thread somewhere and watch it get adopted.

  • PRO: Should be easy, if you make it folksy.
  • CON: The possibility of waking to find an angry biologist standing over me with pincers and a squid.

2. NibiruAcademy.net, “All the facts you need about the most important date in history!” and “The facts you’ll read nowhere else!”

  • PRO: Should be fun.
  • CON: There’s a Nibiru Academy already.

3. Start a rumor that there are chemical toxins in toilet water. Be careful no drop splashes on you, or it’s cancer. (If anyone tells you different, mind control rays. Not saying that’s the case, but mind control rays, enough said.)

  • PRO: Mind control rays.
  • CON: Mind control rays.

4. Start a site that reveals how mathematics is a Communist discipline which needs a good touch of patriotic (insert your nation here) chestbeating to be cleared of the unclean inferior mathematics of the people that We don’t like. (We’re not racists, we just know they are genetically and culturally incurably inferior.) Thus, a web-journal free of subscription fees which calls for top research from all mathematicians of pure, stronk culturally valuable (insert ethnicity here)! Away with the Jewish-(insert ethnicity)-(insert political ideology) concept of Teichmüller spaces and the open balls of multiculturalistic measure theory!

5. A website of touching devotional, confessional and faithheadical true stories of somewhat anonymized personal Christian life, full of trials and epiphanies and apophaticisms, most of them bland, generic and inoffensive. But then there’s one that reflects a bit conservative religion and one doesn’t quite know whether to be cheered or not. And, uh, is that piece Christianity? Is… is that in the Bible? And then there’s that one that might be read as a murder confession (though God wanted the dirty sinner dead), and on closer reflection that one makes you wonder if she will one day come around to thinking God wants her to kill, after all…

  • PRO: Oh, the fun of creating a creeping sense of something being very wrong.
  • CON: “Hello. We’re Mr. Stanchion and Mr. Truncheon from the police, we have no sense of humor, and we would like all the contact details…”

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