Still at Scientopia

Am finding it difficult to finish posts for two places; visit the Scientopia Guest Blogge to see what I’m writing there. One week of two is done already.

Hey, it’s this or posting pictures of my genitalia here. While I’m sure there are people with a burning interest in the privates of mathematicians, I’m pretty sure my audience doesn’t have those people.

If I’m wrong, don’t correct me. Okay?

Here’s one snippet that didn’t go up there because… well, you’ll see.

* * *

I am tempted to take some obscure and abstruse mathematics paper, one with not only with no applications, but with no examples either; and to spend 1000 agonizing words explicating that all, its whole integrated derivative myopic glory — but alas, I am lazy, and so my malice is foiled.

Still, looking at, most of the mathematics-tagged posts are about articles that apply mathematics: to history, to ecology, to biology. That’s something which is easier to explain, and more importantly also sensible to explain. A math article such as those I write and read doesn’t really have any real-world impact; to see why it is all kinds of interesting and neat you’d have to be introduced into the sphere of mathematical interest and neatness first.

Should I then take some mathematics paper with outright applications, or one that brushes computing, or renoodles basic geometry, or the like? Well, probably should, and so stop this vacuous, meandering, verbose dithering about the whole matter; but I am a mathematician first, a nice person person second.

Actually, let me abort this post here, and switch to a much funnier subject.

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