This might sell: Secret productivity tips!

Here’s another fine book I could write some fine day.

Secret productivity tips
of the
ascended masters


  1. YOU are the only YOU
  2. The Laws of Attraction
  3. The Elements Never Forget
  4. Harnessing the Power of the All-Mind
  5. Your Angel Is Empowered
  6. The Power of Love Your Work
  7. Today Is The New Yesterday
  8. How To Dominate Your Boss
  9. Harness the Energy of Your Workflow
  10. There Is No Failure But Being A Failure
  11. To Work Is Human, But To Be Productive… DIVINE!
  12. There Is No Quantum But The Quantum, & YOU Are Its PROFIT!
  13. The ProDuctivity Code
  14. Winners Don’t Lose


  • The Horus Heuristic
  • Early Bird Flies Over The Deadline
  • Relaxify!
  • Slice, Dice and Delegate
  • Caffeine is a Toxin
  • Television Will Kill Your Children
  • Torture Your Enemies To Death, And Take Pictures
  • Quality, Quantity, Quantumy

Angels of the Workplace (excerpts):

Metatron, Voice of God — The Firm must speak with the Voice of God. It is blasphemy for any part of the Firm to speak contrary to the Voice of God. And yet Metatron is not the Voice of God, for the Voice of God is the Voice of God, and Metatron is the Voice of God, not the Voice of God. Metatron is a Serpent, and the heads of serpents are to be crushed.

Uriel, Fire of God — There are workers who are a waste of flesh. Uriel fires them; Uriel chews the fat off the lean screaming body of the Firm. Uriel is a destroyer, the trump of the deck, the apprentice of fire. Use him well, but if he turns against you, chop off his head.

Asmodeus, The True Lord of Creation — But in the Balneo you will find the blessed bloodred Oleum Antimonii in the retort, which should be taken out very carefully. The helm must be very slowly removed, taking care to soften and wash off the Lute, so that no dirt falls down into the beautiful red oil and makes it turbid. Is this not the greatest truth?

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