And now, some dick jokes

Q: Richard Nixon was asked to make a sandwich. What did he say?

A: “I am not a cook.”

* * *

Q: Richard Wiseman cheated death. How?

A: It’s the Friday Puzzle!

* * *

Phil Plait said, “don’t be a dick”. To which Richard Dawkins said, “am I supposed to be Tom or Harry, then?”

* * *

Q: Richard the Lionheart was given a lion after arriving in the Holy Land. What did Richard say?

A: “Good, now I have a spare one!”

* * *

“Richard Gere.”

“Where’s the joke?”

“With the gerbil.” (rimshot)

* * *

Q: What’s the difference between Richard Feynman? Answer in the form of a Feynman-gravitating frequently-attributed quote.

A: “If you think you understand question making, you don’t understand question making.”

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