Horrible mathematicians

Was talking to a friend, a mathematical like me, a frequent TA like me, and through subjects that you don’t want to know, it came to this:

“…which would be quite a web address to point the students at to get their copies of correct answers from! Ha ha ha!”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! I think we could think up something worse, though.”

“Like http://www.analanswers.com?”

After which, there was more laughter.

Explanation: Mathematical analysis is (a) a pretty good fraction of a math M.Sc., and (b) really abbreviated like that, pretty often.

The jokes for complex analysis and numerical analysis practically write themselves.

Eventually, one could slip the address into the contact details of an academic paper. Name, affiliation, snail mail, e-mail, booyah!

And a person ought to have a card — but because affiliations can fluctuate, it would just have

(your name here)
(phone number)

“Nice to meet you! Here’s my card; looking forward to working with you! Double-hand finger point, wink, leer!”

Though if the site had more than demonstration answers, maybe it should be http://www.analexplorations.com? Or http://www.realanalproblems.com, “Problems in Real Analysis”?

Or, if one had self-confidence and delusions of grandeur, http://www.analchampion.com?

And then there’s the old one, the real actual one I’ve seen on a blackboard for reals, of abbreviation in assuming f is an analytic function:

“but ass. f anal.”

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