A thousand angels

I love the Internet.

Someone in Australia makes a song about Neon Genesis Evangelion; posts it online in July of 2010. I, in Finland, see it in January of 2012, and it, in Internet language, “makes my day”. (Or possibly “it my day accidentally”; I’m a little bit vague on this.)

My path of discovery was:

“Maybe I should buy a copy of that ‘things work because of mammoths’ book I liked as a child — so on to the Book Depository, not Texas, and what’s that box set flashing in their ‘someone just bought’-window? — oh, right, I’ve heard so many glancing positive mentions of these Hunger Games books I could maybe try them, so which source do I trust to say pertinent things about them? — oh, TVTropes says they’re far, far, far on the cynical side of the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism, and an apparently largish class of characters can be classified as Blood Knights: this all sounds good — oh, and there’re fan songs of the thing? — oh, and this Iron Children one by Rachel something is terrific — and she has more and… wait, ‘Evangelion’? Like Neon Genesis — oh, beauty. Oh, I want to reward the maker of this; if I cannot donate money, maybe dross will do, like one of my crude blog posts, one that tries to tell it did not make a day, or a week, but my month at the very least. Yup; January’s good with this.”

And here’s the song. A Thousand Angels, by Rachel Macwhirter. Think Shinji.

(As for those who do not know, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Japanese “anime” animation series. It is what happens when a director recovering from a serious pit of depression decides to make his next series a bit more psychological. It is famous and infamous for many reasons.)

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