Waiting for the polls to close

It’s half past 6 pm in Finland right now. At 8 pm the polls close, and a couple of hours after that we will know who either got over 50% of the votes and is the next president (unlikely); or we will know who two got the most votes and will be facing each other in the run-off.

I’ve cast my vote already (go, gay candidate! go to victory!); and there’s a CNN article that’s accurate enough for me to not go into blabbing about the candidates; so here’s a thought.

In America, there are approximately two political parties. I suppose in America one generally speaking has an inkling of which the people you know lean towards: either one, or then the other.

In Finland, there were three big (c. 20%) parties; with the arrival of the cryptoxenophobe (and occasionally you can drop the crypto) True Finns, four. Then there are the smaller parties that are important because they’re what gets cabinets over the 50% mark. Either because of this profusion, or because of the Finnish closemouthedness, or my own social ineptitude, I have no idea what parties my friends and relations support. (Well, it’s also possible they don’t care.)

Edit: A part, though not the major portion, of my choice in voting was that I want a gay president. Specifically, I want a gay president to host the independence day ball at the President’s place. Just so that I can see the faces of the True Finn reps and other grindingly, horrifyingly old-fashioned types, as they come to the head of the line to shake hands with a guy and a guy.

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