So: a modern pop song of bizarre imagery, redone to tell of another case of bizarre imagery: Women’s suffrage to the tune of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

(Video link)

Almost as uplifting as the French Revolution version.

Wait, uplifting? Well yes, a vote for women is uplifting and horrifying, in that order, considering how intractable and stupid the opposition was in that case. The Revolution, on the other hand, was horrifying and uplifting, in that order, the horror being that though the revolutionaries were a mob of violent fanatics I still get swept up in their enthusiasm and hope they would have won, swept over the whole world; surely, eventually, by my day, the outcome for good sense and human rights would have been better quicker than with Napoleon, Waterloo and Metternich’s dances at Vienna?

On the other hand, the amoral romantic in me is always ready to cheer for people with a Temple of Reason and rhetorics about priests, kings and entrails.

(The suffrage video is via Pharyngula and Rev. Ouabache’s tweet.)

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