And now, uh, something North Korean

Aargh. It’s terrible to read a conversation where people you like are vehemently wrong about something. Wrong being defined, of course, by the usual “But I am right!” method.

Since I don’t want the stress (and Internet has plenty of other eedjits to argue all the sides of every argument), here’s some music of the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble, the by-official-choice most popular pop-and-party band of North Korea. PEE’s frontperson is Hyon Song-wol, who (according to recent news) happens to be the current girlfriend of the current immortal forever leader, Kim Jong-un.

First, “We Are The Troops Of The Party!”, where I suppose this is not a party that includes people having fun.

Since the lyrics aren’t translated, I suppose the song goes like this:

We are the troops of the party
And it is a very big and good party
Also we are good and strong people
And if you disagree,
It’s to the camps with you!
(Also the camps are nice.)

Here’s another Pochonbo track, “Yongil Bomb” — the song names are translated, obviously, and I really hope these aren’t South Korean pop sensations someone has deliberately mis-labelled — which is about the fun of having nuclear weapons. (“Our party has the biggest nuclear missiles, and our other missiles are pretty damn big and hard too, if you know what I mean! Yongil bomb!”)

Other hits of the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble include “I love Pyongyang”, “Footsteps of Soldiers”, and “Excellent Horse-like Lady“. (“This lady never takes off her shoes / and is all covered with hair / excellent horse-like lady / excellent horse-like lady / who never takes off her shoes.”)

One Response to “And now, uh, something North Korean”

  1. anon Says:

    I noticed that your views on the lyrics didn’t quite reflect the subs on “We Are The Troops Of The Party!”, so I went ahead and translated some of it…

    Grasp your bayonets firmly
    Our glorious banner flutters
    The invicible power has been awakened
    Our warriors unmatched, the troops of the party
    Our Father, the great Kim Jong-Il
    Our supreme commander takes command of our army
    The Baitou Mountains will flood
    The general speaks with great celebration
    Keeping that conviction in your heart
    We are the army of the revolution, our warrior matches a thousand
    Our Father, the great Kim Jong-Il

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