Old shame: The Norwegian letter

So I’m spending my summer at my parents’, and have been sorting through and throwing away a lot of my old things. These include papers from my high school years — that’d be 1998–2001, three years as usual in a Finnish lukio — and they include this bit from English composition, probably from the innocent instruction of “Write a short formal letter, like you’ve been shown how to”. (Remember this is not “English, as literature and as our mother language”, but “English, as the first foreign language which you’ve been slowly learning for the past five years or so”.)

Then, as now, I could not resist showing off.

The teacher’s correction is be kept for hold. I think I can spot plenty of other errors, too, most of which are inexcusably stupid and the excuse for which is this was a write-quickly, grade-quickly exercise.

(click to embiggen)

Oh, and as the letter probably makes no sense — the blanked-out spots had my real actual contact details, and wouldn’t have helped — well, there was this insider joke about how mathematics, Swedish and similar hard subjects supposedly made your head swell; which was brain oedema (edema, aivoödeema), which was an inherently funny word, and a good reason to laugh when you clutched your head because the idiot Swedish book persisted in teaching you what stavkyrka, oxhjärta and uroxen meant — stave church, ox heart and the primal oxen — and the listening part had some fy fann stuff about repairing space shuttles.

So the patients referred to: they were my posse, and the teacher, she was confused but knew us well enough to suspect the nature of this bit. And I suppose a couple of diligent, otherwise polite weirdoes is better than most alternatives.

More of similar old-shame Scheisse will follow.

3 Responses to “Old shame: The Norwegian letter”

  1. Edouard Sykkeenmaa Says:

    Oh, man, weren’t those great times…laughing so hard reading your letter. I wonder if our then teacher is still sane after everything we put her through.

    I hope we could catch up again someday, it’s been ages since the last time. Maybe have Tobias Mato along, too.

    Long live quylthulgs! Odd-Bjorn for teh win!

    P.S. Check out the website for some tunes to make you feel the pulsåder within.

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