So last Thursday I bought a new laptop.

I got it home, started it, endured a few minutes of Windows, and the stuck in a USB stick with Ubuntu, and said to myself: “I’ll set up the wireless with this try-it-yourself mode, and then when I actually install the U thing, it can download whatever it wants! Bwa ha ha!”

Half an hour later, the new laptop had refused to find the Internet with both test-Ubuntu and Windows.

An hour later, the old laptop refused to find the Internet…

Eventually, I located the fault in my modem somewhere — I had an ancient system of two ugly white boxes, one a modem and one a wireless router — and for a few evenings tried desultory rebooting and occasionally lashings with a network cable, with no success. The modem had, to my inspection, become nothing but a box with pretty lights in it.

So today I bought a new sleek modem-router combination, made it work in five minutes — which, as usual, were five minutes of terror, certain that nothing would work ever again, but then I was all our long national nightmare is over.

In the meanwhile, I watched a lot of anime, wrote some 50 scenes for a gamebook (which is what you call a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure if you don’t have the trademark), and… well, tweeted and browsed the net a lot. Because there’s always the phone, and the line over at the university. But really, two Internet connections are not enough for a modern modem boy such as I.

(There are various addictions, but “constant contact to other people near and far” isn’t one of the worst, right?)

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