Confused by a cat

So I was browsing through the Internet Archive, when I came across a book from 1879, and decided it looked nice, and peeked in, and this illustration was in the first pages —




I don’t know what this cat is saying, but I don’t think it’s a compliment.

Oh wait, the book is “Letters from a cat”, right? Maybe “your(s) aff(ectionately, ) pussy”, then? Phew, good thing I didn’t hit publish and make myself look like an ass. Then again, am not a pussy i.e. don’t possess the dignity of a cat; will hit publish anyway.


Edit, a few hours later: Oh, and the book has an introduction. By the cat’s owner, a little girl. Who keeps referring to it as Pussy. Over and over and over again. And in this horribly fallen year of 2012, her words are deeply, darkly hilarious.

Like this:

I… I have no words.

This goes on for 26 pages.

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