No passport dot com

Hey, computer woes! These are easy blog fodder.

So I have my new laptop; and after a while it seems I don’t get interrupted while I play away with it. Eventually I track this symptom to its root cause, that being that I’m not signed in to chat, thus nobody calls me up.

Erm, I say, and go through the files copied from the old laptop. I do this several times, over several days; I utterly fail to find the file, if ever there was such a file, where I wrote the damn password and the chat-handle down.

It was, um, some Microsoft some thingie… like an e-mail address made for this purpose and never used for e-mail, and the password was…

Letters and numbers, probably.

Eventually, I give up and fire up the old laptop. There’s the chat; there’s the box where it says — oh, it was this string at my handle was, and the password…


To which my comment was, “*******? *******!”

A bit of noodling shows that, yes, the makers of Ubuntu 10.04 were security-conscious and the password won’t show itself in plain text, no matter what you do.

What’s worse is I remember having the same problem when I got the old laptop; but of course I can’t remember how I solved it then.

No, problem, I say — feeling the wings of doom cutting off the sun — to the website for password recovery, then. Enter address, enter captcha-jumble; press send.


Wait some more.


Proceed to alternate method of password recovery: enter some other e-mail address and as many personal details as you can, and our friendly Windows-using goblins will get back to you.

Er, remember how I said I never used the account for e-mail? Just to establish my chat handle. I never even signed in into it; never sent a single e-mail, never created one soddin’ folder. And I don’t have an Xbox Online account either.

“Insufficient details”, the form tells me, “go fuck yourself.”


Think some more.


Say, “Hey! This is a blog post!”


Edit: The same, pictorially, with the help of the good people the people

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