Happens to me

You go to your bicycle. You put you hat on, gloves on, position your bag on the handlebar, sweep wet leaves or snow off the saddle, check your earbuds, then pull the bike back to mount… and curse because in the haze of all this other small stuff you forgot to open the lock.

Happens to me all the time.


I’ve heard some people get great ideas when in the shower. The best I’ve ever gotten is this.

“I should start showering one hour later every day. First 9 pm, then 10 pm, then 11 — a full cycle in 24 days. It would really creep out the neighbors once they noticed it.

“Well, if they noticed it.

“I might have to take up singing.”


You watch a Youtube video, and somebody says something really good in it. (Like “I like my vampires like Lestat” here.)

Then you immediately hit pause and scroll down to see if you were the only one to be struck by that line. Usually you weren’t.

Happens to me all the time.

One Response to “Happens to me”

  1. Robt W Murphy Says:

    Re: Great Ideas In Shower–
    I do some of my best thinking in the shower. Half of the patents I have (half=9) were conceived in the shower.
    I’m very left brained, so all the information has been loaded in the left brain; then when the left brain goes into ‘Neutral Gear’ in the shower the right brain can play with connecting the information.
    Usually nothing really comes from it; but occasionally something significant DOES.

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