What I have been doing

Christmas holidays — sauna, too much food (half of it Christmas ham and Karelian pastries), relatives, utter laziness. Got a few volumes of Bleach, and volumes of Questionable Content and Amazing Super Powers (Brother #3 also got a volume of Oglaf for Brother #2, which is, uh… Christmas spirit?), two pairs of gloves, and the slowly dawning mutual realization that, uh, dad, when I told you you can e-mail that shop to order that coat I forgot that address is the bloody unintuitively hidden one, and not the feedback form. (Also, bad shop! They should still answer inquiries.)

New Year’s — shooting rockets, sauna, shooting some more rockets on a sauna break. (How? Like this. You tromp out, nude. Important caveat! This works only out in the countryside. You put on boots, a towel-loincloth, safety goggles, and no other clothes — then you go to the forest’s edge so you don’t disturb the neigh-bor’s horses or mom — you place an upended pail in the snow, and then light all the whizzlers and fire-coughers you have left. Interestingly, this wasn’t us boys but me and dad.)

Today — Dentist’s, with talk of probabilities (viz. car accidents and baseball), the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the man on the cover of the set of the Finnish radio version of it, dark matter and dark energy, thesis defense etiquette and the theses he has on his bookshelf, and other matters. My dentist is a man of many interests though for the middle part of our conversations I mostly go “Gnnngh? Gngngn.”

That’s what I have been doing; now it’s time to get back on the horse of blatherations and blog.

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