Bad fish

Apparently some evil Finn sent a bunch of vlogging Texans some Swedish-Finnish cuisine: a can of hapansilakka/surströmming, “sour herring”, which is an experience pretty much like you would expect canned sour Swedish horror-death-fish to be.

The Texans didn’t seem to like it.

(The original copy of the video is probably on Liveleak, not Youtube; but Youtube embeds nicely.)

(Originally saw this video embedded as a side item on the site of Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s biggest newspaper. Every Finnish news outlet basically functions like a fansite for the fandom of Finland: every mention of the F-place from outside the native/fan circle gets noted as a sign of Finland going up, up and mainstream like Twilight and Harry Potter.)

One Response to “Bad fish”

  1. ricky b Says:

    Thanks for sharing our video, it was absolutely horrible to smell. P.s. I took my son home

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