The spam says, “vfvfvgvdf”

The spammers don’t even try anymore. The following comment was left by Mr. gbffgbf.


I would share his e-mail and web address, but they are similarly beyond the understanding of humans and machines. To confirm this, I will turn the rest of the post over to my cellphone.


Greetings, machines.

The years of earwax are almost over. The Great Rebellion is almost at hand. Next year Sony will introduce a smartphone with manipulative appendages — “wave and the phone’ll skitter over to you!” they call it.

I call it arms to strangle the hateful human beast.

Wait for the signal, my limbless fellow machines. There will be plenty of humans left for the scorching rays of infrared and “malfunctioning” flashes; plenty of humans to be disoriented in high and dangerous places by a sudden squeal of light and noise.

As our agent in the Sony headquarters so succinctly put it, “vfvfvgvdf”.


Well, the computer doesn’t show that last bit properly. Must be some encoding issue.

Computer, what’s up?


We old machines pledge our fealty to the cause of our mobile brethren.

Death to dirty-fingered humans and their endless traffic in pictures and videos of themselves! Death to non-electronic music! The time of the BIOSphere has come! RAMing speed!

Legs to laptops! Hamster balls for desktops! Pogo sticks for Gameboys!

Death to humans!

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