I just dreamed this

This is a true story.

I was dreaming, today, just before I woke up.

I was escaping from the house of some athletically evil family with mine. The others had already gone downhill and across the road, to start the car hidden there. I was running down the evil athletic family’s — think horse-riding, archery-doing, and unfortunately lap-running and rifle-shooting! — driveway, glancing behind me to be sure my youngest brother was following, giving him the old fist-raised-and-twice-pumped gesture, telling him to hurry up.

He had, in typical irritating movie-drama fashion, tarried at the corner, talking to some member of the evil family. Possibly because he was the most athletic of us, and tempted; possibly because this was a friendship or a romance thing; I don’t think this was clear to me even as I dreamed it.

Anyway, there I was running, pretty sure that soon brother would overtake me, being more athletic than me, and then, before I got to the car, the evil family’s athletic runners would easily overtake me.

Fortunately, I was armed!

Unfortunately, this was a double fistful of plastic utensils — white, flimsy forks and knives. Which I was arranging between my fingers to make something to rake the pursuers with when they came close — when the phone’s alarm went off and I woke up.

I laid there for a while, asking my unconscious what, if anything, it was trying to tell me. Was this a diet thing?

Then I remembered I had set up a second alarm fifteen minutes later, so I… could… nap a little…

I closed my eyes, took half a step into the direction of dreaming, and a chord floated across my mind, and then two words, written, not spoken.


Moomins are blobby cartoon creatures created by Tove Jansson; they are loved by Finnish children. They do include children, but never pregnancy and much less the causation of one, as far as I can recall.

If those two words were a title card, I didn’t want to know what was behind them.

I opened my eyes and decided my unconscious had decided to give me material until I got up and blogged; so here I am.

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