Life update, summer 2014: Relocations!

So: the new Cosmos is watched, and so is this year’s season of Game of Thrones. Time to use my free time to blog. To start with, a situation update: What have I been doing lately?

Well, last fall I got my Ph.D.; that fall and this spring I did teaching while writing an application after application for post-doc money. (What mad cretin decided that to do pure mathematics you had to answer so many convoluted practical questions — and not even convoluted in the easy sense that f(x) is as \int_{-\infty}^\infty f(t)g(x-t)\,dt !)

Then, after eight or so applications and some days of very dark thoughts, the ninth worked!

Thus, with funding from their end, this August I will be locating myself from Littlecity, Finland, to Bigcity, Poland. I’ll be there for at least one year.

I don’t know if I’m more relieved or terrified.

Still, Poland: I don’t know the language or the manners; but I’ve been there once before, 2008-ish, when I was a fresh graduate student and got to go to my very first mathematical conference. The conference was nice — mostly indecipherable, but nice. And all Polish mathematicians that I’ve met have been nice, friendly people; I have met no other Poles. (But poles generally are nice; for example, 1/z at z=0 is a very pleasant and well-behaved pole.)

Now right now I’m in the middle of packing — I don’t have the finances to pay the rent here in the city during the summer months when everything stops, so I’ve rented a heated box for all my books and stuff — more books than stuff — for a year, and next week I’ll go and spend the summer in infantile fashion by delighting my parents by my presence.

Mostly by moving my bulk between them and the window. “Is it cooler now mom, now that you’s de-lighted?”


PS: Aren’t research and teaching mirrors of each other, in a caricaturish sense? In research you use the same method on a new thing each time. In teaching, you expound on the same thing each time, but each time with different, audience-adapted methods.

One Response to “Life update, summer 2014: Relocations!”

  1. MrGEPR Says:

    Harhar … well-behaved pole. I get it. What a nerdy engineering joke.

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