And then something silly

And since the previous post was a little bit exaggeratedly irritated — really, accusations of sheep fucking, no matter how rhetorical, are uncommon in non-irritated discourse — maybe I should post something cute and fluffy, just to dispel the suspicion that I’m organizing a Finland-wide boycott of kiwi fruit for tomorrow.

(Because that would show the New Zealanders, ha! Deny them the kiwi fruit markets of Finland and their economy’ll crumble! Crumble, I say!)

So here’s without any explanation something that would probably need explanation. Because, you know, what’s life without a few mysteries?

2 Responses to “And then something silly”

  1. Iason Ouabache (@Jablair51) Says:

    Anime is so confusing. Is that chick supposed to be laughing or screaming? Both?

  2. Masks of Eris Says:

    Ah, she’s Kodachi Kuno of Ranma 1/2, one of those characters where there’s no real difference.

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